P&C can accelerate your delivery timescales and reduce deployment cost utilising our intelligent automation deployment capability – irrespective of the CMP that you are deploying.

What is it?

Following the journey to compliance, understanding of the remediation process, local education as to what is required by when. This includes:

  • Understanding your starting point
  • Planning of what compliance will look like and impact across the organisation – the pathway to compliance
  • Education (staff)
  • Remediation (staff and digital supply chain)

What's the value to you?

It’s one thing to understand what non-essential cookies are being set on your website(s), it’s another to know what to do about it. Management of the digital supply chain, and co-ordination of the numerous local website owners makes remediation a challenging and time-consuming task. We combine education, personalised user guides and process automation to enable you to remediate faster, at lower cost and with less disruption.

What's are the deliverables?

  • Allocation of accountable actions to bring website(s) to compliance
  • Progress reports to show compliance status across a group of websites, e.g. across an organisation
90% improved accuracy

How much can you save?

* Calculations based on only acquiring Accelerator.

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