The objective of our programme is to support our partners in selling more services and reaching new clients. Our solution, based on the Privacy Risk Auditor (PRA), is the first to provide a score to indicate an organisation’s level of respect for privacy. The PRA can be used by our Partners to track a client’s progress on their compliance journey as they improve their privacy rating.

Working with our partners

The pathway to cookie compliance is made ever more difficult by evolving regulation and the increasingly sophisticated technologies used by data aggregators. We work with our partners to provide the tools, training, and support to remove blind-spots for clients and bring clarity to the compliance landscape.

External DPO Services

We provide the equivalent of a cookie microscope for virtual DPOs so that they can see the detail without getting into the technical weeds. Website cookie audit reports are produced within minutes, with full details, so that the virtual DPO can reveal the true picture and advise clients accordingly.


We support Privacy & Data Protection lawyers that advise their clients on the use of cookies and other online tracking technologies.

Privacy Consultants

The days of a manual cookie audits are in the past. Our automated intelligence enables you to reveal the true picture in minutes rather than days.

We support your consulting activities to deliver compliance to your clients faster, at lower costs and with less disruption.

CMP Vendors

Your CMP combined with our intelligent automation solutions provide the perfect combination for your clients that are serious about achieving and maintaining compliance.

Enter your details and jump right in – quality checks, accessibility fixes and see if anything to optimize – driving a better online experience and enhance compliance.