Our services

Our services have been designed with compliance as the first guiding principle. We assist organisations on their journey towards compliance, it’s rarely an overnight fix. At the heart of our services is our Risk Profiling Engine (RPE). We combine intelligent automation, compliance & regulatory understanding with in-depth technical knowledge of cookies to help organisation deliver compliance faster, at lower cost and with less disruption.


Our Navigator service ensures that you start a CMP project from a position of strength, limiting surprises and mitigating risk. We map your starting point, in terms of current cookies deployed, across your website estate. The service also ensures that you are fully conversant with the ‘art of the possible’ prior to evaluating CMPs, enabling you to buy better. Navigator provides the foundation for project success and delivering compliance.


Our Accelerator service enables you to deploy faster, at lower cost and with less disruption, irrespective of the CMP you have selected. Our intelligent automation reduces the need for large project teams and enables deployment of hundreds of sites in weeks rather than months or even years. Deployment can be prioritised, e.g., based on risk exposure or geography. We minimise the need for human intervention, leading to a more consistent deployment with significantly fewer errors. Progress reporting is automated for convenience and greater accuracy.


Our Discovery service works hand-in-hand with the Privacy Risk Auditor, the International standard for reporting impact from the use of non-consensual cookies. We provide different levels of service dependant on your requirements; from a free service to discover a website’s PRA score to a subscription-based service which allows for multiple audits of multiple sites, providing detailed cookie reports and remediation actions. Our audit services have been developed with the DPO’s office specifically in mind to enable tracking of improvement against compliance objectives and ultimately compliance sign-off and certification.


Our service is designed to help you keep your finger on the Pulse and get real-time alerts of potential compliance risks, enabling you to prioritise required remediation activities. This is a fully automated service that monitors your entire website estate for complete peace of mind post deployment.

Enter your details and jump right in – quality checks, accessibility fixes and see if anything to optimize – driving a better online experience and enhance compliance.