Joined up thinking.

We started with joined up thinking. Risk profile intelligence sits at the heart of delivering services to support the key stakeholders in the privacy compliance triangle.


Transparency, control ensures trust.


Compliance, faster, at lower cost with less disruption.


Lowest cost policing improving adherence (automated).


Internationally, millions are being spent deploying CMPs that are failing the basic premise of achieving compliance.

Limited consideration as to the importance of certifying deployment and monitoring the impact of continual change.


The development of our intelligence based Risk Profiling Engine is built on 15 years in drafting regulation, 20 years automating content monitoring and the deployment of the largest CMP globally.

This now makes available new levels of automation to mitigate risks and lower the costs associated with the understanding, deployment and monitoring of your CMP.


Our Risk Profiling Engine underpins your CMP deployment - enabling you to achieve compliance faster, at lower cost with less disruption.

As change is the only constant, we monitor your deployment to ensure you remain compliant.

Enter your details and jump right in – quality checks, accessibility fixes and see if anything to optimize – driving a better online experience and enhance compliance.