Deploying a CMP?

Once you have the foundations in place, you’re ready to deploy your chosen CMP; and now you face a new set of challenges. Does your chosen CMP require a full-time Project Manager and a project team to deploy? How are you going to prioritise deployment? How long will it take? Do local website owners need training and support during the deployment? How are you going to keep track of progress? How will you certify compliance of each site once deployed?

Over reliance on vendors.

CMP vendors offer software to display the data entered. Despite their claims, 3rd parties are not in a position to deliver compliance and are unlikely to take responsibility for it. This includes CMP vendors, web agencies and consultants. It can be a costly mistake to abdicate compliance responsibility to anyone; the DPO must ensure compliance on behalf of the organisation.

Localised deployment challenges.

Many of the most popular CMPs on the market require users to login to a control panel to configure and manage them. This usually falls to the local website owner who will need training and support, not just on the CMP but on cookie regulation, cookie classification etc.

This is time consuming and expensive, plus human limitation means that mistakes are bound to be made. In addition, there are the considerable costs involved monitoring the deployment; process adherence, consistent CMP usage and keeping the project on time.

Missing the DPO Sign off.

Limited local regulatory understanding, coupled with self sign-off often results in non-compliance from the outset. Compliance is the responsibility of your DPO and independent audit and not local marketing or web teams. However, the DPO requires an unusual mix of skills to audit and verify cookie compliance, e.g. regulatory, legal, technical, in-depth cookie knowledge etc. DPOs with this level of knowledge are the exception not the rule, making DPO certification extremely challenging without the right tools.


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