Privacy Risk INDEX

The Privacy Risk INDEX™ provides a ranking for companies based on their Privacy Risk Auditor (PRA) score. The PRA is the international standard for assessing a website, interrogating the data collection technologies used, and reporting those likely to impact privacy regulation. The initial Privacy Risk INDEX™ will be focussed on companies listed on the LSE and AIM but further indexes can be produced for any grouping of companies, e.g. in a specific industry sector.

Launching later in 2020

What the Privacy Risk INDEX™ will offer

The Privacy Risk INDEX™ (PRI) will offer organisations the opportunity to see where they rank against their peers, e.g. listed or a certain exchange or in a specific market segment. As an organisation invests in improving their respect for privacy, it will be reflected in an improved PRI ranking, which in turn, is likely to have a positive impact on brand and trust.

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