An independent audit provides the company board with an expert opinion of the compliance position, safeguards audit-integrity and avoids any possible conflicts of interest.

Why Independent Audit?

Builders don’t sign off their own work …it doesn’t pass audit. We provide an independent audit service which ensures opinion will not be influenced by any relationship between the CMP vendor and the company’s project team and/or internal departments.

PRA Score

Utilising the P&C Privacy Risk Auditor, which is an International standard for reporting impact from the use of non-consensual cookies, understand your current risk position.

DPO Certification

Our automation reduces the DPO’s workload and ensures local website owners’ accountability. To achieve DPO sign-off, you require a PRA score which reflects your respect for privacy coupled with a completed questionnaire from local website owners to confirm all other compliance requirements are being met, e.g., data sharing agreements in place, accessibility standards met, consistent referencing of cookies and confirming the privacy policy has been updated to reflect the use of a CMP.

What's the value to you?

It’s the starting point on the pathway to compliance. It’s automated, so it takes less time to produce and costs less because you don’t need armies of people to undertake auditing.

What are the deliverables?

  • RPA score and summary position (free)
  • Detailed breakdown of the cookies, trackers, objects etc., for each website audited.
  • PRI - Privacy Risk score and risk summary report, including site ranking and a full detailed breakdown of the cookies, trackers, objects etc. impacting privacy.

How much can you save?

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* Numbers are based on an average project of 500 sites.

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