Quantify your privacy risk

Despite millions invested and best efforts, the majority of organisations are still non-compliant with privacy regulation.

Lack of awareness and understanding are primary issues, with no effective measure to quantify your risk.

Until now that is... remove your blindfold and get your independent Privacy Risk Score.

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Why is independent reporting and monitoring essential to understand privacy risk?

Without it, the risk is never reported and organisations are lulled into a false esnse of security:


Internal teams report against their own KPIs, reporting what they like


External suppliers sign off their own work, with no accountability


'One-off' audits are inefective in a world of constant change

Delivering the international standard

Privacy Risk Index (PRI)

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Whilst it’s not for me to endorse any particular tool or service, I applaud this overall development which is bringing some genuine innovation.

Neelie Kroes,
Vice president of the European Commission innovation.

Privacy Risk Auditor

The P&C Privacy Risk Auditor (PRA) is an international standard that provides independent assessment of a website’s compliance with cookie regulation. The PRA score allows an organisation to focus on improvement, reducing risk and building trust.

Risk level relating to GDPR compliance

Please note, a free audit is only available once every 30 days.
The details presented are from the most recent audit.
Risk Score:
GDPR Compliant:
PECR Compliance:

What does this mean?

Your PRA shows your current risk score and level of respect for privacy. It helps you see what needs attention and guides you to actions to improve your score.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are classified as those that are essential to provide an online service at someone’s request (e.g. to remember what’s in their online basket, or to ensure security in online banking). Essential cookies must be essential to the user and the operation of the site, not what the organisation considers to be essential to them.

Impact on your ‘brand’ reputation

Creating true transparency and control makes the difference when establishing brand trust. Brands that respect privacy by earning consent whilst delivering a positive user experience, will gain competitive advantage and be the ultimate winners in the digital economy.

How a PRA of is calculated

The PRA score is a mathematical calculation which considers the number, categorisation, and impact on privacy for the cookies and Web Storage objects being set on any given website. There is no subjectivity in the calculation, automated intelligence is used to identify cookies that are set ahead of consent being freely given.

Overall position

Below are details of all the storage items found, including the following categories:


Standard web cookies, set either by HTTP headers or by JavaScript code. These can be "session" (generally deleted when the browser is fully closed down) or "persistent" (deleted when the expiry date shown is reached).

Web Storage

Web Storage items (sometimes known as DOM storage or HTML5 storage), set by JavaScript code. These can be "session" (deleted when the individual browser window or tab is closed) or "persistent" (lasting indefinitely).


Databases (known as IndexedDB or the Indexed Database API) stored on the browser by JavaScript code. These last indefinitely.


A tracking pixel is an invisible component embedded in a web page in order to track site visitors via a third party. The information they gather is generally recorded indefinitely and combined with data from other sites using the same pixel system.

Domain Total Cookies Web storage Databases Pixels
Session Persistent Session Persistent

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