Considering a CMP.

If you are considering procuring a third-party CMP or developing an in-house solution, it’s critical that you lay the foundations to ensure a successful project outcome, i.e., compliance with the regulations.

Understanding the detail.

Before undertaking any project, you need to understand your starting point, in the case of a CMP project, you need a cookie audit to get a complete picture of what cookies are being set on each page of each website and how they are currently being classified. Within any large website estate, this is a time consuming and labour-intensive task to do manually.

Too often organisations start blindfolded.

It can be a challenge to understand what some cookies do and therefore know whether they are needed or not and how to classify them. Further complexity is added when cookies are set during site-redirections (see above).

A cookie audit is a task that is often underestimated but it is critical to the project’s success. Don’t start blindfolded!

Buying Better

The market and the capabilities of CMPs is advancing rapidly, fuelled by technologies such as intelligent automation. It’s important to understand the ‘art of the possible’ when considering a CMP but there is also a lot of vendor hype and claims that you need to verify. The greater your understanding, the easier it is to develop and prioritise requirements which can be conflicting across departments, e.g., the cookies marketing would like to set versus what is allowed from a compliance perspective or digital may prefer a particular consent panel because it delivers a more compelling user experience whereas it doesn’t meet IT’s anti-sabotage and security requirements.


Navigator guides you through the complexities of CMP acquisition, helps you ‘buy better’ and lays solid foundations prior to deployment.

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Enter your details and jump right in – quality checks, accessibility fixes and see if anything to optimize – driving a better online experience and enhance compliance.