We have deployed a CMP

A common misgiving is that compliance is seen as a one-time project, i.e., full deployment of the CMP marks the end of the project. This is just the beginning; maintaining compliance is an ongoing, business as usual activity.

The only constant is change.

A website estate is an ever-changing landscape. Good processes to manage new site releases and changes to existing sites are imperative but human limitation and evolving regulation leaves you at the mercy of the last update.

Managing DPA investigations.

Non-compliance with the regulations could leave you exposed to complaints from website visitors or even a DPA investigation. Your processes need to be clear and documented to effectively handle these. You also need to keep records of audits to show compliance status at any given moment in time.

Time consuming and expensive.

To monitor changes and maintain compliance across any sizeable website estate manually can be prohibitively expensive.


Keep your finger on the pulse with our intelligent automated compliance monitoring service.

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Start on the pathway to compliance with our Discovery service.

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Enter your details and jump right in – quality checks, accessibility fixes and see if anything to optimize – driving a better online experience and enhance compliance.