If you laid solid foundations and deployed your CMP effectively, you may have delivered against your compliance objective... for today at least. You could be forgiven for thinking the hard works is over, but this is just the beginning, maintaining compliance is your next significant challenge.

Our Pulse Service

With evolving regulation and a constantly changing digital landscape, manual oversight can be expensive and impractical. Pulse delivers timely and appropriate insight, underpinning DPO confidence.

Pulse has been designed for the central Privacy team using intelligent automation to track sites globally, across the entire organisation. It’s a cost-effective way for DPOs to oversee change, keep a handle on compliance and minimise risk.

Real Time Compliance Alerts

Alerts can be sent directly to the website owner’s email address for immediate remediation and a copy sent to the DPO’s office so that central control is maintained.

Monthly reporting also allows the tracking of improvement over time (via the PRA) which can also be shown to DPAs to demonstrate compliance progress.

What's the value to you?

Delivering compliance is not a one-time project. Websites are continually changing, leaving you at the mercy of the latest content update. Keeping on top of this without an intelligent, automated service is an almost impossible task. We provide the tools to stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape; alerting you to risks that you may otherwise have been unaware of. Not knowing is not a defensible position with DPAs.

What's are the deliverables?

  • Ongoing auditing of website
  • Variance report
  • Monthly risk report
  • Allocation of actions

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