The CMP market

Why are organisations deploying Consent Management Platforms (CMPs)?

The only reason is to ensure compliance with regulations.

Organisation CMP deployment context

The CMP market is very active. With most Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) across Europe issuing clarification regarding cookie regulation and starting enforcement, many organisations have been jolted into action. 4th generation services which feature advanced technologies, such as intelligent automation, is the future but are not widely deployed currently.

Generations of CMP.

1st 62% Force consent
2nd 8% Central Opt-out
3rd 29% Team deployment
4th < 1% Autonomous deployment

State* of the market.

11% Considering a CMP
28% Deploying a CMP
42% Running a CMP
29% Nothing / Hope

* May 2020

We are considering a CMP

Learn why most CMP projects are doomed to failure from the outset and how to ‘buy better’.

/ importance of solid foundations

We are deploying a CMP

Uncover the biggest deployment headaches and how to deploy at a fraction of the cost in weeks rather than months.

/ discover deployment pitfalls

We have deployed a CMP

Discover why this is not a ‘one-time’ project and the importance of continuous monitoring to maintain compliance.

/ learn BAU mistakes

What is the reality

The Reality is 9/10 fail

Recent research and numerous studies are consistent in their damning conclusions, revealing widespread non-compliance with cookie regulation. The Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland undertook a ‘cookie sweep’ of 40 popular websites operated by some of the most well-known organisations across sectors (97% non-compliance); Aarhus, MIT & UCL scraped various CMP deployments on the top 10,000 most popular websites in the UK (89% non-compliance) and the Privacy Risk Auditor was used to check hundreds of websites between the months April-June 2020 (92% non-compliance).

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