To navigate your way to any destination, you must first plot your course. This starts with understanding your current position and from here you can evaluate the various options and routes available to you. Our navigator service helps you do just this.

What's the value to you?

Avoid heading down blind allies, we ensure that you take the well-trodden pathway to compliance. Avoid expensive mistakes and get it right first time.

Specifying requirements for a CMP without knowing the ‘art of the possible’ takes time and can be expensive, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Understanding the requirements across departments allows you to manage any potential conflicts and set expectations accordingly.

Cookie Discovery

Navigator starts with a comprehensive audit of your existing website estate. We use intelligent automation to deliver an audit exponentially faster, at 95% lower cost and which is proven to be 85% more accurate.

RFP Support

The capabilities of CMPs are evolving rapidly, you need to understand the ‘art of the possible’ when specifying the requirements to ensure you can deliver compliance faster and at the lowest possible cost. A full understanding of capabilities will also assist in managing and prioritising the different, sometimes conflicting, requirements across the organisation, i.e., compliance, marketing, digital, IT etc.

Navigator guides you through the complexities of CMP acquisition, reducing internal conflict and improving your chances of getting it right first time.

What are the deliverables?

  • A Project Plan
  • An RFP Template – requirements capture by department (Compliance, Digital, Marketing, IT, Finance)
  • 4 x Q&A workshops:
    • WS1 - understanding the pathway to compliance
    • WS2 - buying a CMP, the options, asking the “how do we?” questions
    • WS3 - review of your RPF document, final questions, discuss recipient shortlist
    • WS4 - Deployment preparation / checklist
85% improved accuracy

How much can you save?

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* Numbers are based on an average project of 500 sites.

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