Supporting the Regulator

As individuals become more aware of their rights, more complaints will be made and the workload of the DPAs will increase exponentially. Privacy is devalued if it is not policed effectively.

Rethinking Enforcement

With our technology and scalability, we confidently calculate that it should cost no more than $4 per annum/ per company to police cookie privacy effectively. This includes audit, review and multi-level enforcement.

Intelligent Automation – Delivering cost effective enforcement at scale

Key is the intelligence required to audit based on the likely level of risk to the user: a one-size-fits-all approach would be impractical and expensive. The intelligence considers variables such as sector, scale and reach of a website. This allows for more accurate targeting of sites and informs the level of audit frequency. Delivered through a Risk Profiling Engine, intelligent automation delivers prioritisation based on risk and continuous learning.


  • A solution that can operate countrywide
  • Automation delivers scale and breadth


  • A timely approach to auditing companies
  • Intelligent Automation (IA) mapping sectors
  • Data science to assess and continually profile risk


  • Automated, consistent rules-based approach e.g. 3 warnings prior to action
  • Cost effective, sub $4 pa. per company
  • Enhanced reputation

Intelligent automation delivering privacy at scale

Discover how joined up thinking and risk profiling intelligence sits at the heart of privacy.

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